We want our patients and employees to know that we take the pandemic very seriously. And because we know how important our services are to our patients, we have taken every action available to us to assure everyone that they are safe when they come to our facilities. 


Face masks are required by all of our guests and staff without exception and we ask for your full cooperation and understanding of this requirement.

There are hand sanitizer dispensers at each of our entrances and bottles located throughout our facilities. Should you be unable to locate one of these dispensers when you visit our facilities, please ask any member of our staff for their locations.

As you enter our facilities, you will be greeted by a member of our staff who will ask you a series of COVID-19 questions as recommended by the CDC. Your temperature will also be taken before entering our facilities as we do on all of our employees each morning when they arrive. 

When you enter our main lobby, you will see social distance markings on our flooring at the reception desks and we ask that you follow these markings. Should there be more patients than markings on our flooring or available seats in our lobby, you will be asked to wait in your car until a space becomes available. You will also notice that our lobby seating has been blocked off to allow for social distancing and to limit the number of guests in our facilities at any given time.

A member of our staff will be disinfecting our lobby furniture and door handles continually throughout the day.

Tempered glass partitions have been installed at our reception desk to protect both our guests and staff. 


All of Eye Associates employees have been instructed not to report to work and to stay home should they experience even the mildest of symptoms and to seek COVID-19 testing immediately. An employee must have two negative results within 48 hours and be asymptomatic in order to return to work.

At the conclusion of every patient encounter all of our exam rooms are disinfected. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, Eye Associates had our entire air conditioning duct systems professionally cleaned and disinfected throughout both facilities.

Eye Associates has also installed the Reme Halo L.E.D. air disinfection systems into all of our facilities air conditioning systems. The Reme Halo L.E.D. had been proven 99% effective against COVID-19 and many other viruses as well as, molds. Once the air passes through this device, this treated air acts as an aerosolized disinfectant on all surfaces the air touches. It is likely that the air inside our facilities is safer than outside and quite possibly even safer than the air inside of your own home.

The Eye Associates of Boca Raton takes yours and our staff’s health and safety very seriously and we thank you for your support and confidence in the quality of our services. 

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